African Journal of Environmental Economics and Management

African Journal of Environmental Economics and Management ISSN 2375-0707 Vol. 6 (1), pp. 394-405, January, 2018. © International Scholars Journals


An evaluation of the development trends of research on natural resource management in Nepal

Mahamoudou Traoré Yonli

Geography, Research Division, TU, Kirtipur, Tribhuvan University, Nepal. E-mail:

Accepted 21 November, 2017


This paper discusses the development trends of participatory research in Nepal with reference to natural resource management, taking example from Karnali watershed area. The issues discussed in this paper clearly indicate that there is urgent need to promote the participatory action research on environment and development for the proper links between population, development, technological implication and institutional strengths, using a micro level conservation and development model that suits local environments. The author opines that both government organizations and academic institutions have to join hands with an effort to promote the participatory research culture in Karnali watershed area for sustainable natural resource management.

Key words: Scientific research, relaxed rapport, extractive survey, eco-development, integrated conservation and development planning, village level model.