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The effect of nitrogen levels on forage yield and some attributes in some hybrid corn (Zea mays indentata Sturt.) cultivars sown as second crop for silage corn

Abdullah Karasu1, Mehmet Oz1, Gamze Bayram2 and Ilhan Turgut2*

1Uludag University, Mustafakemalpasa Vocational School, Bursa, Turkey.

2Department of Field Crops, Faculty of Agriculture, University of Uludag, Bursa, Turkey.

Accepted 13 February, 2020


This study was carried out to determine the effect of four nitrogen levels on forage yield and some attributes three corn cultivars under irrigated conditions in Mustafakemalpasa, Bursa, Turkey in 2005 and 2006. The field experiments were set up according to randomized complete block experimental design with three replications. Three varieties were used (LG 2687, PR34N43 and H 2547) and four rates of nitrogen (0, 150, 300 and 450 kg ha-1) were applied. The plant height, first ear height, stem diameter, the number of leaf and ear per plant, ear percentage in green herbage, forage yield and dry matter yield were determined. The effects of different nitrogen levels were not significant on all attributes, except forage and dry matter yield. It was determined that 300 kg N ha-1 was suitable for high forage and dry matter yield. The forage yields of cultivar were obtained between 81457 and 92913 kg ha-1.

Key words: Corn, forage, nitrogen, yield.