African Journal of Agriculture and Food Security

African Journal of Agriculture and Food Security ISSN 2375-1177 Vol. 8 (12), pp. 001-010, December, 2020. © International Scholars Journals

Full Length Research Paper

Adoption of irrigated wheat varieties among agro-pastoralists; The case of Fentale District, Upper Awash Valley of Northeastern Ethiopi

Getinet Belay Wondim1*, Adam Kedir2 and Rehima Musema2*

1*2 Ethiopian Institute of Agricultural Research, Werer Agricultural Research Center, Werer, Ethiopia.

2*Ethiopian Institute of Agricultural Research (EIAR), Addis Ababa, Ethiopia.

Accepted 21 September, 2020


This study was intended to examine the rate at which the hitherto pastoralist communities are adopting the newly popularized irrigated wheat varieties, and the factors influencing adoption decisions. The study employed multi-stage sampling procedures to select 120 sample respondents from four pastoral kebeles in Fentale district of northeastern Ethiopia. Logit model was used to analyze the determinants of adoption while simple descriptive analysis of percentage, mean, frequency as well as chi-square and t-tests were used to describe the characteristics of sample households. The study reveals that the rate of adoption of irrigated wheat varieties among farmers is 18%. The logit estimate showed that level of education of household head, family size in adult equivalent, extension access to wheat, access to training and presence of off-farm activities have positively and significantly influenced the probability of being adopter. However, age of household head and distance to the main irrigation water source (main canal) had negative effect on the decisions of farmers to adopt irrigation wheat varieties. Strengthening extension services, providing comprehensive and continuous practical and theoretical trainings and improving irrigation water distribution through maintaining secondary and tertiary canals are areas of intervention for rapid and continuous adoption of irrigated wheat varieties.

Keywords: Adoption, Irrigated wheat, Upper Awash, Fentale, Northeastern Ethiopia, Logit.