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African Journal of Agricultural Marketing ISSN: 2375-1061 Vol. 11 (3), pp. 001-006, March, 2023. © International Scholars Journals

Full Length Research Paper

Inter-population variation of chromosome and RAPD markers of Suaeda nudiflora (Willd.) Moq. a mangrove species in India

S. N. Jena and A. B. Das*

Cytogenetics Laboratory, Regional Plant Resource Centre, Bhubaneswar 751015, Orissa, India.

Accepted 10 November, 2022


Inter-population genetic diversity in Suaeda nudiflora, a mangrove, was investigated through RAPD and chromosome analysis among five Indian populations. Somatic chromosome numbers 2n=36 reported for the first time in population (Pop) I and Pop-II whereas in Pop-III, 2n=36 and 40 chromosomes. Pop-IV showed 2n=54 numbers from high saline environment while Pop -V showed 2n=40 chromosomes. 102 RAPD bands were polymorphic out of a total 182 amplicons with an average of 3.64 bands per population per primer suggests genetic divergence in inter-population level. The dendogram based on the RAPD analysis showed two broad groups suggesting ecotypic adaptability in different saline habitat. The maximum overall relatedness of the pop-II with rest of four populations was 57% indicated by mean similarity while pop-IV revealed minimum mean similarity of 49% suggesting new cytotypes formation. The probable mechanism of overcoming high salinity stress by maintaining polyploidy (2n=54) is discussed.

Key words: Genetic divergence, genetic polymorphism, RAPD markers, somatic chromosome, Suaeda nudiflora.