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Full Length Research Paper

Integrated effect of liquid bioslurry and inorganic fertilizer on selected soil chemical properties, maize (Zea mays) growth, yield and grain quality

Mercy Kamau Rewe1*, Esther Muindi1, James Ndiso1, Kevin Kinusu2, Stephen Mailu3, Peterson Njeru4 and Rewe Thomas5

1Pwani University, P. O. Box 195-80108, Kilifi, Kenya.

2Kenya Biogas Program, P. O. Box 19875-00200, Nairobi, Kenya.

3KALRO Naivasha, P. O. Box 25-20117, Naivasha, Kenya.

4KALRO Muguga, P. O. Box 32-00902, Kikuyu, Kenya.

5Great Lakes University of Kisumu, P. O. Box 2224, Kisumu, Kenya.

Accepted 05 November, 2021


A bottle-neck to maize production in Kenya is expensive fertilizers and insufficient knowledge on use of organic fertilizers, which can be remedied by informed bioslurry use. Field experiments were conducted at Waruhiu Farmers’ Training Centre, during 2019 short and 2020 long rains to evaluate effect of bioslurry, inorganic fertilizers and their integrations on soil chemical properties, maize growth and yield and grain quality. Treatments were: 100%bioslurry (BS), 75%BS+25%fertilizer, 50%BS+50%fertilizer, 100%fertilizer and Control. Soils were tested before and after two cropping seasons for selected chemical properties. Growth and yield parameters were evaluated. The 100%bioslurry increased pH, TN, TOC and Mn most by 5.9%, 46.4%, 35.5% and 112.5% respectively. Soil pH decreased only in 100%fertilizer. The 100%fertilizer increased exchangeable P and K most by 46.4% and 73.6% respectively but decreased Ca, Mg and Zn most. No significant difference (P≤0.05) was noted in most growth parameters except control. Stovers and stalk yields were highest in 100%bioslurry in short rains by 45.5% and 42.2% while grain yields were in 100%fertilizer by 29.3%. In long rains, 100%fertilizer increased stovers and stalk yields most by 49.6% and 51.9% respectively while 75%BS+25%fertilizer gave higher grain yields by 82.3%. The tested levels of bioslurry and its integrations improved evaluated parameters, though long term experiment is required to ascertain results. 

Keywords: Bioslurry, fertilizer, soil chemical properties, maize, grain quality.