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Full Length Research Paper

Assessment of industrial and adaptable building components for a residential layout

Nasibeh Sadafi*, M. F. M. Zain and M. Jamil

Department of Architecture, Faculty of Engineering, National University of Malaysia, 43600, Bangi, Selangor, Malaysia.

Accepted 16 November, 2020


From environmental point of view, building waste is a critical issue in present construction. In order to reduce the depletion of valuable materials and natural resources, waste management of constructions needs to be considered in the early stages of design. This requires innovative design strategies that take into account the future demolition and provide flexible and versatile structures. Industrial, flexible and demountable building system (IFD) is trying to create buildings with higher quality, more adaptable and better environmental characteristics. But till date, a recognized method for IFD building assessment has not been defined. This research focuses on IFD component analysis process for a residential terrace house layout. In the first step of the research, a conceptual prototype for the key elements was proposed. Next step was to create a procedure for evaluating the suggested design. The evaluation process contains two parts. First, the layout and design characteristics assessment according to IFD criteria was developed. Second, the stability, seismic and load bearing capacity of the designed structure was characterized by conventional nonlinear static analysis (pushover) through finite element computations with ETABS software. It is proposed that, application of these assessments can testify to the flexibility and strength of the designed layout.

Key words: Industrial, flexible and demountable building system (IFD), building components, modular coordination system, terrace house layout.