African Journal of Estate and Property Management

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Full Length Research Paper

Managing construction logistics management: Findings from construction contractors and industrialized building system (IBS) manufacturers

Mohammed Ali Berawi1*, Abdur Rohim Boy Berawi2 and Katerina A. Hadwart3

1Department of Civil Engineering, Faculty of Engineering, Universitas Indonesia, Indonesia.

2Transport Engineering and Management, Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) - Portugal Program, University of Porto, Portugal.

3Faculty of Built Environment, Centre of Project and Facility Management, University of Malaya, Malaysia.

Accepted 11 October, 2020


Inability of contractors to foresee materials demand at the right time and material-handling at the right place are identified as one of the most common problems in the construction industry. Therefore, this paper attempts to determine the attitude and pattern of the industrialized building system (IBS) manufacturers and contractors towards logistics management system followed by evaluation of logistics management effectiveness. This research is carried out by way of questionnaire and followed by an in-depth interview with IBS manufacturers and contractors. From the findings of this research, it is revealed that the respondents agree that logistics management is important for production efficiency. Price, quality, and capacity of suppliers are three (3) critical factors that should be considered when purchasing materials. However, contractors tend to be more concerned with profit margin, while the IBS manufacturers are concerned with productivity when they make decision for material-handling equipments. Additionally, there are other problems identified in logistics management, including non-punctuality in materials and components deliveries, inability to foresee the period of activities with accuracy, etc. Majority of the respondents agreed that flow chart is one tool that can improve production efficiency in order to solve the problems in logistics management.

Key words: Construction, logistics management, supply chain, industrialized building system (IBS), manufacturers, contractors.