African Journal of Estate and Property Management

African Journal of Estate and Property Management ISSN 2756-3308 Vol. 8 (8), pp. 001-007, August, 2021. © International Scholars Journals

Full Length Research Paper

Utilization of demolished concrete, grog, hydrated lime and cement kiln dust in building materials

H. M. Khater

Housing and Building National Research Centre (HBNRC), 87 El-Tahreer St., Dokki, Giza, P. O. Box 1770, Cairo, Egypt. E-mail: Tel: 0020237618125-0020111686524.

Accepted 17 May, 2021


It is desirable to completely recycle concrete waste in order to protect natural resources and reduce environment pollution. In this paper, the studied reference mix composed of demolished waste concrete/grog/hydrated lime in the ratio of (40/50/10, wt. %), while other mixes has cement kiln dust as a partial replacement of hydrated lime in the ratio from zero up to complete replacement. Both grog and burned cement kiln dust were obtained from firing clay materials as well as by-pass cement kiln dust at 850°C for 1 h with a heating rate of 5°C/min. Results of this study possess a method for recycling of demolished wastes in brick making as fine materials not in the traditional method that used it as aggregate. Waste concrete, grog, hydrated lime and by-pass cement dust can be used instead of the cement constituent of mortar and hydrated building brick making.

Key words: Demolished concrete, cement kiln dust, grog.