African Journal of Fisheries Science

African Journal of Fisheries Science ISSN 2375-0715 Vol. 8 (8), pp. 001-006, August, 2020. © International Scholars Journals

Full Length Research Paper

Temperature effect on fish culture tank facilities inside greenhouse

Genaro M. Soto-Zarazúa*, Enrique Rico-García and Manuel Toledano-Ayala

Biosystems Department, School of Engineering, Queretaro State University, C.U. Cerro de las Campanas S/N, C.P. 76010, Querétaro, México.

Accepted 12 March, 2020


This study was performed to evaluate the effect of tank position on the water temperature of fish culture tanks in aquaculture facilities inside a greenhouse. The temperature was measured in four 20 m3 capacity tanks. Three points were measured for each tank: point A, the water in the fish culture tanks; point B, the environment outside of the tanks and point C, a point 0.3 m below the soil level. The measurements were recorded in periods of five minutes with data loggers. Significant differences in water temperature were found among the fish culture tanks with a grade of significance of 0.05 and environmental and soil temperature proved to exert an important influence on the water of the fish culture tanks. The mean value of the r-Pearson correlation found is 0.87.

Key words: Aquaculture, temperature, greenhouse, culture tanks, thermal behavior.