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A study of the effect of heat treatment on furazolidone residues in liver and muscle tissues of chicken

Anakalo A. Shitandi1*, Oketch Aila2, Stellah Ottaro1, Leakey Aliong’o1, Grace Mwangi1, Harish Kumar- Sharma3 and Matofari Joseph1

1Guildford institute, Egerton University, P.O. Box 536 Egerton 20107 Kenya.

2Ministry of health, P.O. Box 42 Oyugis Kenya.

3Food Technology Department, Sant Longowal Institute of Technology, Longowal. Sangrur-148106. Punjab, India.

*Corresponding author. E-mail: Phone: +254 51 62454; Fax: + 254 51 62527.

Accepted 02 July, 2017


This study investigated the effect of deep frying (210oC/15 min) on furazolidone residues in liver and muscle tissues of chicken. Furazolidone was administered (2 mg/kg body weight) orally to chicken daily for five days. The hens were then sacrificed at 1, 5, 24 168 and 264 h after treatment stopped and liver and muscle tissue samples obtained. The samples were deep fried, blended with distilled water and then centrifuged at 6000 rpm for five minutes. The supernatant was analyzed for the concentration of the drug using a using the Delvotest SP microbiological assay. A detection limit of 11.0 g/ml was obtained with spiked liver tissues contaminated with Furazolidone. Furazolidone residues were detected in fried liver and muscle tissues 264 h post treatment. It was concluded that furazolidone drug residues in chicken liver and muscle tissues were not destroyed by deep frying.

Key words: Furazolidone, depletion rate, delvotest test, poultry, deep frying.