African Journal of Geography and Regional Planning

African Journal of Geography and Regional Planning ISSN 2736-1586 Vol. 8 (8), pp. 001-009, August, 2021. © International Scholars Journals

Full Length Research Paper

The acidifying gases emission in Cara  - Severin county, Romania, in the period of 1997-2006

Albulescu Mariana*, Turuga Livia and Chiriac Adrian

West University of Timi oara, The Faculty of Chemistry, Biology, Geography, Department of Chemistry, Pestalozzi Street, no. 16, 300115, Timi oara, Romania.

Accepted 07 April, 2021


The harmful effects of air pollutants on human, animal and vegetation are the major reason for efforts to control their sources. During the last decades, research on acidic deposition and analysis of observational data were followed by scientific understanding of the relationships between emissions of precursor gases and deposition of acids or acid-forming substances. Cara -Severin County holds many non-renewable resources which have been intensely exploited using old, pollutant technologies. The extractive, iron and steel, metallurgic, energy and construction material industry greatly contributes to the further pollution of the environment with many pollutants, including gases with acid effects on the atmosphere. The analysis done between 1997 and 2006 for measuring the dosage of gases with an acid effect indicates a state of control over the releases and, in the last final of the decade, a constant level of air quality, below the maximum allowed limit; there were no states of alarm and the concentrations of SO2, NOx and NH3 were within the maximum allowed concentrations. Still, their polluting effect exists, and this is obvious considering the acid rains that have occurred, which have had detrimental local and distant effects on agriculture, vegetation and living organisms.

Key words: air pollution, acid deposition, acid rain, sulfur dioxide, nitrogen oxides, ammonia.