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Full Length Research Paper

In vitro parasite count and EC50 in trypanosome cultures incubated with some selected iron chelators

Sulaiman Faoziyat A.1*, Akanji M.A1, Green, B. O2, Badjatia, N3 and Gunzl A3

1Biochemistry Department, University of Ilorin, PMB 1515 Ilorin, Nigeria.

2College of Naturopathic Medicine, University of Bridgeport, Connecticut, U.S.A.

3Genetics and Developmental Biology, University of Connecticut, Farmington USA.

Accepted 02 October, 2022


Trypanosoma brucei (Lister 427 strain) grown in in vitro cultures were incubated with some selected iron chelators. Parasite counts were done at 24hrs interval for 72hours to determine their effectiveness on parasites’ reduction. The EC50 for each drug in the management of trypanosomiasis was also determined. While deferoxamine, deferiprone and adriamycin had the most significant effect (P < 0.05) on parasite reduction, Inositol heaxphosphate and Magnesium trisilicate had the least. Magnesium trisilicate was suggested to be a potent growth factor for the parasites rather than as inhibitor since no EC50 could be calculated. The EC50 for the drugs were calculated to be 8.02µM, 13.71µM, 27.30µM, 420.98µm, and 1404.02µM, for Deferoxamine, Deferiprone, Adriamycin, ibuprofen and Inositol hexaphosphate respectively. The order of efficacy of the drugs in the management of trypanosomiasis is thus: Deferoxamine > Deferiprone > Adriamycin > Ibuprofen > Inositol Hexaphosphate > Mg. Trisilicate

Keywords: Chelators, Deferoxamine, Deferiprone, Adriamycin, Ibuprofen, Magnesium trisilicate, inositol hexaphosphate Trypanosome culture, EC50.