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Full Length Research Paper

Solid state fermentation using agro industrial residues for alpha amylase production by an actinomycete isolate from red sea soil

Hind A. A. Al-Zahrani

Biology Department, Faculty of Sciences, University of Jeddah, Jeddah, Saudi Arabia E-mail:,, Tel: 00966500102388

Accepted 25 October, 2022


During the screening process to obtain the most potent α-amylase actinomycete producer from soil in red sea region, Streptomyces sp.HA2 was isolated and identified as working strain in solid state fermentation using agro industrial residues. Investigation of four agricultural residues such as banana peel, sugarcane bagasse, wheat bran and rice bran to select the best substrate for production of α-amylase. Selection of banana peel as substrate improved the activity. Various process parameters were optimized for maximum amylase production resulted in incubation period of (96 h), pH (8.5), inoculum size (8%), and moisture content (40%). Also, production of 1500 u/gds was achieved by supplementing the media with 1% starch and 1% peptone on 10g banana peel. The partially purified enzyme by ammonium sulphate was found stable at temperature up to 50°C for 120 minute. By using these optimized cultural conditions, this α-amylase may be utilized in wide spread applications like detergent, leather, and agriculture, scarification, pharmaceutical industry as well as molecular biology techniques.

Keywords: alpha amylase , Solid state fermentation, Streptomyces sp, 16S rDNA, agro industrial residues