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Full Length Research Paper

Seismicity of the Carpathian region

Dmytro Malytskyy

Carpathian Branch of Subbotin Institute of Geophysics, Department of Seismotectonic Researches, 3-b,Naukova st. 79060 Lviv, Ukraine. E-mail:

Accepted 19 October, 2021


Carpathian complex prognostic poligon has being created for testing of new methods and equipment and their implementation into the practice of seismotectonic investigations in the Transcarpathians. The polygon consists of a network of regime geophysical stations (RGS). I analyzed seismicity of the Ukrainian sector of the Carpathians. It is determined by local earthquakes and strong subcrustal earthquakes of the Vrancea zone in Romania. In this paper, I estimate the most fundamental parameters describing earthquakes: seismic energy E and energy class K=log(E) in a time window of 40 years (1961-2001). Our results show that, the E1 / 2 plot against time may be a good tool for understanding of a local earthquake activity, although the shape of the plot is strongly influenced by extreme events. Also, we have found a correlation between seismic moment M0 and energy class K of the local earthquakes for Transcarpathian region.

Key words: seismicity, energy class, seismic energy, seismic moment, geodynamic polygon, catalogue.