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First case of confirmed isosporiasis in an immunocompetent child at a private clinic of Abidjan, Ivory Coast: Case Report

N’da Angbeletchi David AKA1, Kalou Dibert ZIKA2, Gonat Serge Pacôme DOU1, Fatoumata COULIBALY3, Mocket Adolphe EHOUMAN4, Ibrahima KONE5 and Koffi Daho ADOUBRYN6

1University Félix Houphouët-Boigny of Abidjan, 01 BP V34 Abidjan, Cocody.

2Université Alassane Ouattara, BP V18   Bouaké.

3Université Pelero Gon Coulibaly, BP 1328, Korhogo.

4Olopam Pharma and Research & Development, 10 B.P 1274 Abidjan.

5Groupe Médical et de Consulting BOZOUMA, 01 BP 6648 Abidjan.

6Université Alassane Ouattara, BP V18   Bouaké.


Accepted 11 January, 2021


Isosporiasis is a parasitic disease caused by Isospora belli. Human infection occurs by the ingestion of sporulated oocysts found either in contaminated water, food, or on the hands. We reported here a case of isosporiasis accidentally discovered in a 2-years-old child a day before leaving the hospital for pneumonia. The child had a diarrhoeal episode. Isospora belli oocysts were discovered in his stool samples after microscopic examination. The antibiotic restored the clinical condition of the child after 10 days. The diagnosis of Isoporiasis should be considered in children with digestive disorders in a context of malnutrition or immunocompromised in our settings.

Keywords: Isosporiasis, Cystoisosporiasis, Isospora belli, Immuno-competent Child, Malnutrition, Ivory Coast, Côte d’Ivoire, Africa.

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