African Journal of Wood Science and Forestry

Aims and Scope

African Journal of Wood Science and Forestry publishes research articles, short communications and critical review papers, exclusively in English, on topics dealing with wood science, forestry and environmental sciences. AJWSF accepts articles of interest to the broad categories of forestry professionals in general but they should be understandable to non-specialists as well. The journal provides immediate open access to its content.

The journal promotes high scientific level articles, by following international editorial conventions and by applying a peer-review selection process. Topics covered in the journal include:

  • Conservation and management
  • Forest ecology
  • Silviculture.
  • Systems analysis and modeling
  • Tree genetics and physiology
  • Wood quality and production
  • Forest pathology
  • Effects of air pollution
  • Impact of adverse environmental conditions on trees
  • Forest ecosystems


The following are the aims of this journal:

Firstly, the main aim of this journal is to integrate multidisciplinary research with wood science and forest management in complex systems with different social and ecological background.

Secondly, to inform and stimulate discussions relevant to tropical forestry and environmental management. It appeals to a wider audience including academics, practitioners, industrial professionals, and students who are interested in the above fields.

Thirdly, to document and disseminate the insights, lessons and innovations arising from various dimensions of wood science, forestry and environmental science areas. 

Fourthly, to inform and thereby impact the macro-level processes of academics, research, policy formulation, program planning, and decision-making affecting local-level forest resource management.

Finally, to publish articles dealing with forest pathological problems occurring in different parts of the world. Research and review articles, short communications and book reviews are addressed to the professional, working with forest tree diseases caused by fungi, bacteria, nematodes, viruses, and phytoplasms; their biology, morphology, and pathology; disorders arising from genetic anomalies and physical or chemical factors in the environment.

Scope of the journal

African Journal of Wood Science and Forestry is a refereed open access peer-reviewed journal distributed internationally, publishing scientific articles concerning wood science and forest engineering, both theoretical and empirical. The journal covers all aspects of wood science, forest engineering research, ranging from basic to applied subjects.

The principal missions of AJWSF are to promote studies and to extend research information related to wood science and forestry.

This journal provides immediate open access to its content on the principle that making research freely available to the public supports a greater global exchange of knowledge.


Forest, pathology, tree, disease, fungi, bacteria, nematode, virus, mycoplasma, biology, morphology, disorder, genetic, anomalies, air, pollution, ecosystem, environment.


20 scholarly article titles on Wood Science and Forestry 

1. "Advancements in Wood Preservation Techniques: A Comprehensive Review"
2. "Exploring the Impact of Climate Change on Forest Ecosystems"
3. "Wood Anatomy and its Significance in Forestry Research"
4. "Sustainable Forest Management: Balancing Economic and Environmental Concerns"
5. "The Role of Wood Science in Enhancing Timber Quality and Durability"
6. "Forest Fires: Causes, Impacts, and Mitigation Strategies"
7. "Wood-Based Composites: Manufacturing Processes and Applications"
8. "Assessing the Carbon Sequestration Potential of Forests"
9. "Wood Deterioration Mechanisms: Understanding Decay and Pest Infestation"
10. "Forest Genetics: Unlocking the Potential for Improved Tree Breeding"
11. "Wood Properties and their Influence on Mechanical Performance"
12. "The Role of Forests in Water Resource Management"
13. "Innovations in Timber Engineering: From Design to Construction"
14. "Forest Certification Systems: Promoting Sustainable Practices"
15. "Wood Modification Technologies for Enhanced Performance"
16. "Impacts of Logging Practices on Biodiversity Conservation"
17. "Wood Waste Utilization: From Biomass to Bioenergy"
18. "Forest Health Monitoring: Early Detection of Pathogens and Pests"
19. "Wood Quality Assessment Methods for Industrial Applications"
20. "The Economics of Forest Products: Market Trends and Analysis"