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Full Length Research Paper

Effect of steam blanching on quality of custard apple pulp

K. J. Kamble and S. B. Soni

College of Agricultural Engineering, M. A. U. Parbhani - 431402, Maharashtra - India.

Accepted 11 February, 2020


The study on the organoleptic evaluation of custard apple pulp stored up to 70 days was carried out in the Department of Agricultural Process Engineering, C. A. E. T., and M. A. U. Parbhani in the year 2005 - 2006. Statistical analysis and sensory evaluation of the data was carried out and it was observed that effect of storage of custard apple pulp at - 4 and - 18°C temperature up to 70 days on scores for sensorial quality of pulp viz appearance, color, flavor, taste, texture and overall acceptability increases from 7.25 - 8.20, 7.3 - 8.0, 6.0 to 7.25, 6.0 - 7.25, 6.25 - 7.0, and 6.30 - 7.5, respectively. The application of heat facilitates molecule damage of constituents of pulp by denaturation of protein, evaporation of volatile constituents and gelatinization of starchy material. This may lead to the changes in sensorial characteristics of the pulp like increased viscosity loss of flavor and taste and change in color.

Key words: HDPE - high density polyethylene, COH - carbohydrates, PPO - polyphenoloxidase, TSS - total soluble solids.