African Journal of Wood Science and Forestry

African Journal of Wood Science and Forestry ISSN 2375-0979  Vol. 11 (7), July, 2023. Available online at



Accepted 12 April, 2023


Title: Sustainable Forest Management: Balancing Economic and Environmental Concerns


1. Name: Olufemi Adeyemi
Department: Department of Forestry and Wildlife Management
Faculty: Faculty of Agriculture and Forestry
University: University of Ibadan.

2. Name: Adebayo Babatunde
Department: Department of Environmental Management and Toxicology
Faculty: Faculty of Environmental Sciences
University: University of Lagos.

Sustainable forest management is a crucial aspect of environmental conservation and economic development. This opinion article aims to explore the delicate balance between economic concerns and environmental preservation in the context of sustainable forest management. It discusses the importance of sustainable practices in maintaining the long-term health and productivity of forests, while also considering the socio-economic benefits derived from these natural resources. The article highlights the challenges faced in achieving this balance, such as illegal logging, deforestation, and inadequate policy frameworks. Additionally, it emphasizes the need for collaboration between stakeholders, including governments, local communities, and industries, to ensure effective sustainable forest management.

Keywords: sustainable forest management, economic concerns, environmental conservation, socio-economic benefits, illegal logging, deforestation, policy frameworks, collaboration.