African Journal of Wood Science and Forestry

African Journal of Wood Science and Forestry ISSN 2375-0979 Vol. 9 (5), pp. 001-006, May, 2021. © International Scholars Journals


Use of aeroponics technique for potato (Solanum tuberosum) minitubers production in Kenya

M.  W. Mbiyu1*, J. Muthoni1*, J. Kabira1, G. Elmar2, C. Muchira1, P. Pwaipwai1N.  J. Ngaruiya1, S. Otieno1 and J. Onditi1

1Kenya Agricultural Research Institute, National Potato Research Centre -Tigoni P. O. Box 338-00217, Limuru Kenya.

2International Potato Centre (CIP), sub-Saharan Africa Regional Office P. O. Box 25171-00603 Nairobi, Kenya.

Accepted 18 August, 2020


In Kenya, potato productivity is severely constrained by limited high quality seed tubers; this is precipitated by inefficiencies in various stages in the seed production system. Production of certified seed starts with meristem tip cuttings in the tissue culture. The resultant plantlets are grown in pots in the greenhouse and/or screen-house for production of minitubers (generation 0). In Kenya, production of minitubers through aeroponics systems has been introduced. This paper discusses the production of potato minitubers using aeroponics. Important considerations that should be addressed before setting-up an aeroponics based potato minituber production system are also discussed. Research areas to optimize production and improve field performance of mini-tubers produced through aeroponics are also presented.

Key words: Aeroponics, clonal multiplication, hydroponics, minituber production, rapid multiplication techniques, tissue culture.