International Journal of Animal Breeding and Genetics

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Full Length Research Paper

Seed germination of java plum (Syzigium cumnii) in three provenances western Kenya

J. L. Okuto and G. Ouma*

Department of Botany, Maseno University, P. O. Box 333, Maseno, Kenya.

Accepted 23 October, 2020


Indigenous fruits are very important as sources of food security, balanced households nutrition. Deforestation poses a serious threat to their survival. Domestication of these trees can be successful only if successful propagation techniques are applied. In Kenya Syzigium cuminii has become a very important indigenous fruit tree for local consumption and income generation and it mainly grows in Siaya, Vihiga and Kisumu districts. Studies were conducted in Maseno, Kenya (2004 - 2005) to investigate variation of seed germination of S. cuminii in three districts (provenances) mentioned above. The experimental design used was completely randomized design. The treatments included different watering regimes and light and darkness durations respectively. The results showed that both light and irrigation regimes significantly (P 0.05) increased the germination of S. cuminii but 24 h darkness inhibited it. The best treatment was 12 h light. S. cuminii seeds are therefore photodormant since they require light to germinate. There was no variation of seed germination among the districts (provenances).

Key words: Light, water, photodormancy, provenance, germination.