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Short Communication

Development of anthocyanin and chlorogenic acid concentrations in grapes grown at high latitudes – Short communication

Juha Karvonen

Faculty of Agriculture and Forestry, University of Helsinki, 00014 Helsinki, Finland. E-mail:

Accepted 16 February, 2020


Polyphenols of grapes and wine have been observed to have many health-promoting effects. Their concentrations are affected by the growth environment, such as the geographical location, climate, the amount of light and length of day during the growing season and the cultivated grape variety. In this study, the anthocyanins (ANC) and chlorogenic acids (CGA) from grape, juice and vine samples of the hybrid grape variety Vitis ‘Zilga’, grown in the Helsinki region in Northern Europe at the latitude of 60°N, were studied by liquid chromatography (HPLC-DAD). They were at the same level as those in Central and Southern Europe. In fresh grapes and pressed grape juice the concentrations of anthocyanins and chlorogenic acids were higher than in the wine, so the use of grapes and fresh juice as such may have a better health effect than the vine made from them.

Key words: Nordic wine growing, grapevine, anthocyanin, chlorogenic acid, hybrid grape varieties.