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Full Length Research Paper

Mammalian fauna of Artvin

Temel Gokturk1*, Faruk Bucak2 and Taner Artvinli3

1Department of Forest Entomology and Protection, Faculty of Forestry, Artvin Coruh University, Artvin Turkey.

2Ministry of Environment and Forestry, Governorship Provincial Directorate of Environment and Forestry, Artvin. Republic of Turkey.

3Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Affairs, Hatay Provincial Directorates of Agriculture, Republic of Turkey.

Accepted 21 November, 2021


Artvin has got richest and most varied mammals of Turkey. We provided checklist of the mammalian fauna of Artvin based on direct observations, interviews and available literature. A total of 55 mammals belonging to 20 families (total 6 orders; insectivora (7), chiroptera (14), lagomorpha (1), rodentia (18), carnivora (10) and artiodactyla (5)) were reported in Artvin. Twenty nine mammal species were identified by direct observation, and by observation of breeding areas, traces and feces. Although not observed on site during the field studies or reported by inhabitants, twenty six additional species are considered likely to occur in the study area based on literature information. The extent to which the various groups of animals in the study areas are to be protected under the Bern Convention or cited on the IUCN Red List varies from one group to another. There are no endemic species in Artvin mammal fauna. There are 5 NT, 1 VU, 48 LC, 1 DD species have been introduced. Some of the mammal species that were observed or reported in the study area are listed in Annex 2 (18 species) or Annex 3 (13 species).

Key words: Biodiversity, mammals, Artvin-Turkey.