International Journal of Agroforestry and Silviculture

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Full Length Research Paper

Effect of Taungya on regeneration of endemic forest tree species in Nigeria: Edo State Nigeria as a case study

Ehiagbonare J. E.

Department of Biological Sciences, Igbinedion University, Okada, Nigeria. E-mail:

Accepted 19 August, 2021


Taungya as an agroforestry system in regenerating endemic forest tree species is not successful in Edo State. This was revealed in the current study. Significant differences in natural regeneration exist in the zones studied. The failure of the Taungya system arose from abandonment of the sites after devegetation, non availability of planting stock which is due to poor funding. The area that was kept under continuous cultivation had 15.60 of regenerated endemic species. The area that fallow for 3 years had 34.33 species regenerated. The control had 22.33 of regenerated species. The most occurred species is Terminlia Superba - 31. Evidence from the study is indicative of the fact that adequate endemic taxa regeneration can not rely on Taungya system as it is practiced now. To ensure safe environment, endemic forest species saved from extinction, proper regeneration and forest plantation establishment of endemic toxa are recommended.

Key words: Taungya, endemic taxa, forest plantation, regeneration.