International Journal of Agroforestry and Silviculture

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Full Length Research Paper

Evaluation of the effect of provenance on survival and growth performance of Moringa stenopetala (Bak.f) intwo districts of Bale zone, Oromia, southeast Ethiopia

Wondmagegn Bekele1*, Bikila Mengistu2, Hirpa Abebe1, Zerihun Dibaba1 and Fikru Ameyu1

1Oromia Agricultural Research Institute, Sinana Agricultural Research Center, Bale-Robe, Ethiopia

2Oromia Agricultural Research Institute, Fitche Agricultural Research Center, North-Shewa, Ethiopia

Accepted 8 March, 2022


In Ethiopia study on provenance variability effects on survival and growth performance of Moringa stenopetala is very scarce despite it is one of the most exciting plants that we have to see closely for its conservation and genetic improvement. Study was undertaken to evaluate the effect of provenance on survival and growth performance of M. stenopetala at Dello-menna and Goro research sites of Sinana Agricultural Research Center of Bale, Southeast Ethiopia.The tested provenanceswere Konso, Abay and Bale collecting their planting materials from the respective Arbaminch, Filiklik and Dell-menna locations. The experiment laid out in RCBD design with three replications.In study,the necessary data parameters(survival rate, plant height, root collar diameter and diameter at breast height) were recorded and analyzed by using R software. As to resultsprovenance effects on theseparameteris considerably(p < 0.05) varied. Accordingly, survival rate at Dello-mennaresearch sub site reported within a rangeof70.30% to 85.19%.While at Goro, it ranges from 33.33% to 73.5% amongthe provenance. Height growth ranged 121.3 cm to 251.3cm at Dello-menna site, and from 46.4cm to 117.9cm at Goro. Besides, rootcollar diameter at Dello-menna site reported within a rangeof 2.59 cm to 7.17 cm among provenances, and 3.83 cm to 5.90 cm at Goro.The result pointed thatoverboth sites the survival and growth of Konso provenance had showed good performance followed by Abay and Bale, respectively. Thus, at the sites maximum M. stenopetala production can be achieved if Konso provenance majorly used as seed source for further plantation.Besides, Abay provenance at Dello-menna and Bale at Goro sites alternatively can be considered in some cases. However, to make a firm conclusion as to the genetic variability among provenances the continued observation strongly recommended.

Keywords: Abay-provenance, Bale-provenance, Diameter at breast height, Konso-provenance, Plant height, Root collar diameter.