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Full Length Research Paper

Study of genetic polymorphism of ARTEMISIA  HERBA-ALBA from Tunisia using ISSR markers

Haouari Mohsen* and Ferchichi Ali

Laboratoire d'Aridoculture et Culture Oasienne, Institut des Régions Arides 4119 Medenine- Tunisia.

Accepted 20 November, 2021


ARTEMISIA HERBA-ALBA is an herbaceous aromatic and therapeutic plant widely distributed in semi-arid regions of Tunisia and is potentially usable to restore degraded ecosystems. A study of genetic variation among 216 accessions was conducted using ISSR (Inter Simple Sequence Repeat) markers to assess the polymorphism at the species level. A total of 60 polymorphic loci were scored using four primers revealing a high level of genetic polymorphism among A. HERBA-ALBA accessions. Correlation analysis revealed no direct relation between morphological traits, geographic distance and genetic distance. Correlogram analysis showed a patchy distribution of the genetic variability of A. HERBA-ALBA accessions revealing the contribution of local ecological and geographic conditions on variability.

Key words: Artemisia herba-alba, DNA extraction, genetic polymorphism, ISSR markers.