International Journal of Irrigation and Water Management

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Full Length Research Paper

Improved agricultural technologies, prelude to higher yields of maize: A case study of two farmer based organizations in Ghana

Osei K.*, Gyasi-Boakye S., Agyeman A., Afriyie E. and Berchie J. N.

Council for Scientific and Industrial Research-Crops Research Institute, Box 3785, Kumasi, Ghana.

Accepted 03 December, 2021


Maize production in Ghana is characterized by very low technological input which translates to lower yields. Informal training organized at the instance of the Millennium Development Authority for Farmer Based Organizations and facilitated by the Crops Research Institute impacted positively on yield. This study examined the extent to which two FBOs in the Akwapim South Municipality of the Eastern Region adopted improved agricultural practices prior to and after the training. Significantly high (58%) of farmers were in the old age bracket (>45) years. Farmers had considerable experience with 56% having engaged in the farming business for over twenty years. As low as 8.5% of farmers used improved maize varieties and practiced row planting. Only 13% applied fertilizers however, all farmers sowed seed on time and treated seed against soil pests before sowing. None of the farmers was aware that 9 kg seed maize was required for one acre of field. Average yield of maize increased significantly (10.9 bags/acre) when farmers adopted good agricultural practices taught them using a “starter pack” inputs supplied to them after the training compared with (1.5 bags/acre) realized prior to the training.

Key words: Adoption, farmer based organizations, good agricultural practices, improved maize varieties, Zea mays.