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International Journal of Law and Legal Studies ISSN 2463-5634 Vol. 10 (5), pp. 001-005, May, 2022. © International Scholars Journals

Full Length Research Paper

Business ethics for excellence in action: A view

Kastoori Srinivas and Syed Abdul Malik*

Department of Finance, College of Business Administration, King Saud University, Al-Kharj, RIYADH, KSA-11942, Saudi Arabia.

Accepted 11 April, 2022


The core subject of ethics is essentially a branch of spiritualism, which is a banyan tree covering the entire gamut of human behavior on righteous path for the well being of society, in simple terms spiritualism, which is closely linked to strong religious faith is a canvas under which ethical values and principles bloom and blossom. Four sources of values, legal regulation, professional codes of ethics, individual values and organizational codes of ethics are identified in business ethics. This article attempts to analyze the sources of values in business, sharing of moral values and morality and its impact on society. The main aim of this study is to examine the professional and organizational codes of ethics in general and individual values in particular.

Key words: Ethical standards, moral values, organizational codes, ethical crises.