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Full Length Research Paper


Dunlopian Theory: Impact and Relevance to Nigeria Industrial Relations System


1Francis C. Anyim, 2Cyril Oseloka Ikemefuna and 3Joy Onyinyechi Ekwoaba

1, 2, 3 Department of Industrial Relations and Personnel Management,Faculty of Business Administration University of Lagos, Nigeria

*Corresponding Author’s

Received February 3, 2012; Accepted February 26, 2012


Various attempts have been made to systematize relevant theoretical concepts of industrial relations by researchers but there is however, so much controversy that there is yet to emerge a general theory of industrial relations. The objective of this paper examined the work of John Dunlop which is acclaimed to be a famous text in the field of industrial relations. The paper made a critique of the Dunlopian model and anchored with the impact and relevance of the model to the practice of industrial relations in Nigeria in the 21st century.

Keywords: Industrial relations, Labour, Functionalism, Ideology, Budgetary constraints, Locus of power, Technological characteristics, Actors.