International Journal of Management and Business Studies

International Journal of Management and Business Studies ISSN 2167-0439 Vol. 10 (2), pp. 001-011, February, 2020. © International Scholars Journals

Full Length Research Paper

The relationships of cruise image, perceived value, satisfaction, and post-purchase behavioral intention on Taiwanese tourists

Shiang-Min Meng*, Gin-Shuh Liang and Shih-Hao Yang

Department of Shipping and Transportation Management, National Taiwan Ocean University, Taiwan.

Accepted 21 September, 2019


The travel industry has recognized the advantages offered by global cruise tourism, now a famous tourism product in Taiwan. This research looks at the cruise image as a recreational experience and compares the results of 906 questionnaires to investigate perceived value, satisfaction and post-purchase behavioral intention. Analyzing these factors, Structural Equation Modeling (SEM) is used for theory development. This research presents a concept and measurement using information from cruise tourists and proposes methodological and statistical procedures for measuring the relationships in order to help researchers for an overall picture. The results show that cruise image has a positive effect on tourists’ perceived value and satisfaction, and also has an indirect effective on post-purchase behavioral intention. Tourists’ perceived value influences their satisfaction positively. Plus, tourists’ perceived value and satisfaction play a significant role in post-purchase behavioral intention. Empirical findings contribute some important extensions to image relationships in cruise ship.

Key words: Cruise image, perceived value, satisfaction, post-purchase behavioral intention.