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Full Length Research Paper

Effect of biological and chemical preservatives on the shelf life of West African soft cheese

Belewu, M.A.*, Belewu, K.Y. and Nkwunonwo, C.C.

Ruminant Nutrition and Dairy Science Laboratory, Department of Animal Production, University of Ilorin, Ilorin, Nigeria. Department of Agriculture Economics and Farm Management.

Accepted 09 November, 2019


The effect of biological extracts on the storage qualities of West African soft cheese was evaluated in a completely randomized design model within a 15-day period. The control and the treated cheeses were stored under ambient temperature and assessed for the pH, titrable acidity, moisture content and crude protein. The pH and titrable acidity rose (P<0.05) with ginger extract preservant. The crude protein and moisture content were increased (P<0.05) by preservation. The ginger extract was found to be the most effective method of reducing microbial load, followed closely by the garlic extract. The ginger extract treatment extended the shelf life of cheese for 15 days. Treatment of West African soft cheese with ginger extract may not markedly alter the nutritional quality but appeared promising as it has a preservative property.

Key words: West African soft cheese, biological and chemical extracts, storage qualities.