International Journal of Petroleum and Gas Engineering

International Journal of Petroleum and Gas Engineering ISSN 5675-0715 Vol. 3 (7), pp. 001-006, July, 2016. © International Scholars Journals

Full Length Research Paper

Application of piezoelectric energy generated from quartz plus semiprecious metals on wax deposition control

Sulaiman, A. D. I.1* Ajienka, A. J.2 and Sunday, I. S.2

1Petroleum Engineering Programme, Abubakar Tafawa Balewa University, Bauchi, Nigeria.

2Petroleum and Gas Engineering Department, University of Port-Harcourt, Nigeria.

Accepted 16 April, 2016


The primary focus of this research is to develop a tool using semi-precious metals and quartz for preventing or eliminating wax deposition in production and transport system. It also focuses on explaining the mechanisms of using piezoelectric energy generated from mixtures of semi-precious metals and quartz to prevent wax deposition. Five samples of waxy crude were sourced from Niger Delta and characterized for the purpose of this experiment. Quartz was sourced from Bauchi State of Nigeria while two semi-precious metals, zinc and lead sourced from Jos Metallurgical Development Centre, Plateau State of Nigeria were used. The metals were grounded to smaller sizes and mixed with the quartz. Molten aluminium was used to fabricate the tool. The tool was then fixed into the flow line. Each of the crude samples was flown through the flow system under reduced temperature and pressure (below its wax appearance temperature) and the quantity of wax deposited was recorded before the tool and after the tool. The results show that immediately after the condenser, higher percentage of wax deposit was recorded but as the fluid pass through the fabricated tool the quantity of deposits reduced drastically. This is an indication of effectiveness of the fabricated tool in preventing wax deposits along the flow lines. It was also noticed that the effectiveness is more pronounced with zinc plus quartz crystal with over 32% success in achieving deposit reduction on the most potential problematic crude sample while lead achieved only 17.9% success on the same sample.

Key words: Piezoelectric material, piezoelectric energy, semi-precious metals, wax appearance temperature, wax deposition.