International Journal of Urology and Nephrology

International Journal of Urology and Nephrology ISSN: 2091-1252 Vol. 3 (2), pp. 074-077, February, 2015. © International Scholars Journals

Full Length Research Paper

Life-threatening lactic acidosis: Always a lost case? Key clues to the correct diagnosis: A case report

Van Huffel L1MD, Benoit D2 MD PhD and Van Biesen W3 MD PhD

1Endocrinology Department, Ghent University Hospital, Belgium.4

2 Intensive Care Medicine, Ghent University Hospital, Belgium.4

3 Nephrology Department, Ghent University Hospital, Belgium.4


Accepted 23 October,2014


Lactic acidosis is a severe condition with a high mortality rate. We report a case of near-fatal lactic acidosis, secondary to an acute kidney injury in a patient on chronic treatment with metformin. In this case, fast recognition and adequate treatment of the entity lead to rapid recovery of the patient. The differences in presentation of type A and type B lactic acidosis are emphasized, because of the importance for treatment and prognosis. Considerations and new insights in the mechanism of Metformin Associated Lactic Acidosis(MALA) are discussed.With this case report we want to point out the aspects one should consider when treating or stop treating a patient with metformin and nuance the fear for MALA.

Key Words: Severe Lactic Acidosis, Metformin Associated Lactic Acidosis, Metformin, Acute Kidney Injury, Case Report.