International Research Journal of Mechanical Engineering

International Research Journal of Mechanical Engineering Vol.  3 (2) pp. 284-293, February, 2015.  © International Scholars Journals

Full Length Research Paper

Impacts of whimsy and circular segment rotational speed on weld globule geometry in beat GMA welding of 5083 aluminum composite

*M. H. Ansari, Vishnu Mittal and E. A Singh

Department of Mechanical Engineering, University of Calicut, Malappuram, India.


Accepted 21 January, 2015


The arc rotation mechanism system can be used to obtain the flat and broad weld bead due to the centrifugal force of the rotating arc at welding. In this investigation an arc rotation mechanism is developed and four input process parameters such as arc rotational speed , ratio of wire feed rate to travel speed, wire feed rate and eccentricity are considered. The experiments were conducted on square butt joint plate of 5083 H111 aluminum alloy using full factorial design of experiments. The mathematical models for penetration and convexity are developed using multiple nonlinear regression analysis and are checked for their adequacy. The confirmation experiments were conducted to verify the models .The mean analysis for penetration and convexity is done at all three levels of input process parameters. It is observed from the investigation that eccentricity has maximum effect on convexity followed by arc rotational speed, ratio of wire feed rate to travel speed and wire feed rate whereas wire feed rate have relative maximum effects on penetration.

Key words: Arc rotation mechanism, arc rotational speed, eccentricity, full factorial, square butt joint, aluminum alloy.