Agricultural Sciences Journals
Advanced Journal of Agricultural ResearchISSN: 2375-091XDOI: 10.46882/AJAR
Advances in Agriculture and Agricultural SciencesISSN: 2756-326XDOI: 10.46882/AAAS
Advances in Aquaculture and Fisheries ManagementISSN: 2756-3278DOI: 10.46882/AAFM
Advances in Food Science and TechnologyISSN: 2756-3286DOI: 10.46882/AFST
African Journal of Agricultural Economics and Rural DevelopmentISSN: 2375-0693DOI: 10.46882/AJAERD
African Journal of Agricultural Marketing ISSN: 2375-1061DOI: 10.46882/AJAM
African Journal of AgricultureISSN: 2375-1134DOI: 10.46882/AJA
African Journal of Agriculture and Food SecurityISSN: 2375-1177DOI: 10.46882/AJAFS
African Journal of AgronomyISSN: 2375-1185DOI: 10.46882/AJA
African Journal of Crop Science ISSN: 2375-1231DOI: 10.46882/AJCS
African Journal of Dairy Farming and Milk ProductionISSN: 2375-1258DOI: 10.46882/AJDFMP
African Journal of Fisheries Science ISSN: 2375-0715DOI: 10.46882/AJFS
African Journal of Food Science ResearchISSN: 2375-0723DOI: 10.46882/AJFSR
African Journal of Pig FarmingISSN: 2375-0731DOI: 10.46882/AJPF
African Journal of Plant BreedingISSN: 2375-074XDOI: 10.46882/AJPB
African Journal of Poultry FarmingISSN: 2375-0863DOI: 10.46882/AJPF
African Journal of Soil ScienceISSN: 2375-088XDOI: 10.46882/AJSS
African Journal of Wood Science and Forestry ISSN: 2375-0979DOI: 10.46882/AJWSF
Frontiers of Agriculture and Food TechnologyISSN: 2736-1624DOI: 10.46882/FAFT
Global Journal of Food and Agribusiness ManagementISSN: 2756-343XDOI: 10.46882/GJFAM
Global Journal of Food and Agricultural SciencesISSN: 2756-3448DOI: 10.46882/GJFAS
Global Journal of Plant and Soil SciencesISSN: 2756-3626DOI: 10.46882/GJPSS
International Journal of Agricultural Economics and ExtensionISSN: 2329-9797DOI: 10.46882/IJAEE
International Journal of Agricultural Extension and Rural DevelopmentISSN: 2756-3642DOI: 10.46882/IJAERD
International Journal of Agricultural SciencesISSN: 2167-0447DOI: 10.46882/IJAS
International Journal of Agroforestry and SilvicultureISSN: 2375-1096DOI: 10.46882/IJAS
International Journal of Animal Breeding and GeneticsISSN: 2756-3650DOI: 10.46882/IJABG
International Journal of Enology and Viticulture ISSN: 2756-3685DOI: 10.46882/IJEV
International Journal of Food Safety and Public HealthISSN: 2756-3693DOI: 10.46882/IJFSPH
International Journal of Horticulture and FloricultureISSN: 2756-3790DOI: 10.46882/IJHF
International Journal of Irrigation and Water ManagementISSN: 2756-3804DOI: 10.46882/IJIWM
International Journal of Manures and FertilizersISSN: 2756-3863DOI: 10.46882/IJMF
International Journal of Plant Breeding and GeneticsISSN: 2756-3847DOI: 10.46882/IJPBG
Biological and Life Sciences Journals
Advanced Journal of Environmental Science and TechnologyISSN: 2756-3251DOI: 10.46882/AJEST
Advanced Journal of Microbiology ResearchISSN: 2736-1756DOI: 10.46882/AJMR
African Journal of BotanyISSN: 2756-3294DOI: 10.46882/AJB
African Journal of Ecology and EcosystemsISSN: 2756-3367DOI: 10.46882/AJEE
African Journal of Environmental and Waste ManagementISSN: 2375-1266DOI: 10.46882/AJEWM
African Journal of Environmental Economics and ManagementISSN: 2375-0707DOI: 10.46882/AJEEM
African Journal of Immunology ResearchISSN: 2756-3375DOI: 10.46882/AJIR
African Journal of Parasitology ResearchISSN: 2756-3391DOI: 10.46882/AJPR
African Journal of Virology ResearchISSN: 2756-3413DOI: 10.46882/AJVR
African Journal of Water Conservation and SustainabilityISSN: 2375-0936DOI: 10.46882/AJWCS
International Journal of Bacteriology and MycologyISSN: 2756-3669 DOI: 10.46882/IJBM
International Journal of Biochemistry and BiotechnologyISSN: 2169-3048DOI: 10.46882/IJBB
International Journal of Histology and CytologyISSN: 2756-3707DOI: 10.46882/IJHC
International Journal of Microbiology Research and ReviewsISSN: 2329-9800DOI: 10.46882/IJMRR
International Journal of Nematology and EntomologyISSN: 2756-3839DOI: 10.46882/IJNE
International Journal of Plant and Animal SciencesISSN: 2756-388XDOI: 10.46882/IJPAS
Medical Sciences Journals
African Journal of AIDS and HIV Research ISSN: 2736-1748DOI: 10.46882/AJAHR
African Journal of DentistryISSN: 2756-3421DOI: 10.46882/AJD
African Journal of Infectious Diseases ResearchISSN: 2756-3340DOI: 10.46882/AJIDR
African Journal of Internal MedicineISSN: 2326-7283DOI: 10.46882/AJIM
African Journal of Malaria and Tropical DiseasesISSN: 2736-173XDOI: 10.46882/AJMTD
African Journal of Medical Case Reports ISSN: 2756-3316DOI: 10.46882/AJMCR
African Journal of Medicine and SurgeryISSN: 2756-3324DOI: 10.46882/AJMS
African Journal of Nursing and MidwiferyISSN: 2756-3332DOI: 10.46882/AJNM
International Journal of Anatomy and PhysiologyISSN: 2326-7275DOI: 10.46882/IJAP
International Journal of Diseases and DisordersISSN: 2329-9835DOI: 10.46882/IJDD
International Journal of Medical Advances and DiscoveriesISSN: 2756-3812DOI: 10.46882/IJMAD
International Journal of Medical Sociology and AnthropologyISSN: 2756-3820DOI: 10.46882/IJMSA
International Journal of Medicinal Plants Research ISSN: 2169-303XDOI: 10.46882/IJMPR
International Journal of Medicine and Medical SciencesISSN: 2167-0404DOI: 10.46882/IJMMS
International Journal of Obstetrics and GynecologyISSN: 2736-1594DOI: 10.46882/IJOG
International Journal of Pharmacy and PharmacologyISSN: 2326-7267DOI: 10.46882/IJPP
International Journal of Public Health and EpidemiologyISSN: 2326-7291DOI: 10.46882/IJPHE
International Journal of Urology and NephrologyISSN: 2756-3855DOI: 10.46882/IJUN
International Journal of Veterinary Medicine and Animal HealthISSN: 2756-3871DOI: 10.46882/IJVMAH
Social Sciences Journals
International Journal of Law and Legal StudiesISSN: 2736-1608DOI: 10.46882/IJLLS
African Journal of Estate and Property ManagementISSN: 2756-3308DOI: 10.46882/AJEPM
African Journal of Gender and Women Studies ISSN: 2736-1578DOI: 10.46882/AJGWS
African Journal of Geography and Regional PlanningISSN: 2736-1586DOI: 10.46882/AJGRP
African Journal of Library and Information ScienceISSN: 2756-3383DOI: 10.46882/AJLIS
African Journal of Philosophy and Religious StudiesISSN: 2756-3405DOI: 10.46882/AJPRS
African Journal of Political ScienceISSN: 1027-0353DOI: 10.46882/AJPS
Global Journal of Business ManagementISSN: 2736-1721DOI: 10.46882/GJBM
Global Journal of Sociology and AnthropologyISSN: 2756-3456DOI: 10.46882/GJSA
International Journal of Accounting, Auditing and TaxationISSN: 2756-3634DOI: 10.46882/IJAAT
International Journal of Banking, Economics and Finance ISSN: 2756-3677DOI: 10.46882/IJBEF
International Journal of Educational Research and Reviews ISSN: 2329-9843DOI: 10.46882/IJERR
International Journal of Management and Business StudiesISSN: 2167-0439DOI: 10.46882/IJMBS