International Journal of Management and Business Studies Vol. 2 (1), pp. 014-022, January 2012 © International Scholars Journals (Manuscript Number:IJMBS-12-053)

Full Length Research Paper


World Production of Jute: A Comparative Analysis of Bangladesh

Mohammad Shahidual Islam* and Mohammad Alauddin**

*Assistant Professor, School of Business, University of Information Technology and Sciences (UITS),

** Lecturer, School of Business, University of Information Technology and Sciences (UITS),

Received December 17, 2011; Accepted January 22, 2012


The worldwide awareness on environment is the reason for the opportunities of Jute, due to environment-friendly characteristics. The research aim is to analysis the comparative development and growth of jute production of Bangladesh with other major jute producing countries to avail the opportunity of jute’s growing demand in the world market. It is taken the data of Production, Area, and Yield of Jute for 19 years from the year 1991-92 to 2009-10 of Major Jute producing countries such as India, Bangladesh, China, Myanmar, Nepal, and Thailand for analysis. The study has used percentage, mean, growth, and hypothesis test etc. for analysis of data and drawing inferences. This scenario tells that world jute production and area of production are decreasing with fluctuating trend. Bangladesh is in second position in relation with total production, area and yield in the world. The total production of Jute and yield are increasing with fluctuating trend. The area of jute production of Bangladesh is slightly decreasing with fluctuating trend.  The recommended issues are to use the scientific method of cultivation, to make available of market information, to develop the diversified products, to implement the law for using jute rather synthetic, to make jute policy etc. for development of jute production.

Key word: Jute, Production, Yield, Area, Products