African Journal of Agronomy ISSN: 2375-1185 Vol. 10 (1), pp. 001-020, January, 2022. © International Scholars Journals


A plan to place successfully organic products in the Cypriot market

M. Markou1 and T. Stylianides2

1The Agricultural Research Institute, Nicosia Cyprus.

2The Cyprus International Institute of Management, Nicosia, Cyprus.

Accepted 15 June, 2021


This study aims to introduce a plan to place successfully organic products in the Cypriot market. In this sense, it attempts to offer more insight into Cypriot organic market. The research focused on three levels; consumers, producers and retailers of organic products in order to collect information regarding the production process of organic products, the difficulties in their disposal, the availability and quality of the organic products, their prices and the demand of organic products, as well as consumers’ behaviour towards organic versus conventional grocery products. A survey that utilised a self-administered questionnaire for collecting data from respondents was conducted at various areas of Cyprus. According to the results, although the majority of consumers are aware of organic agriculture, only a few buy certified organic products. On the other hand, consumers are willing to pay higher prices to buy organic products. According to growers, market organisation is the most important weakness in the successful promotion of organic products. In addition, organic growers are reluctant to increase their production imposing that government does not support satisfactorily organic production. On the other hand, retailers argue that consumer demand, personal considerations about organic production and the fact that organics is an emerging market, could affect their decision to place more organic products in their stores. Therefore, a national plan, in order to place successfully organic products in the local market, it should incorporate all the above mentioned issues. Additionally, it should be in line with the European Action Plan for Organic Food and Farming initiated by the European Commission in 2004.

Key words: Cyprus, organic agriculture products market, national plan.