International Journal of Petroleum and Gas Engineering ISSN 5675-0715 Vol. 3 (11), pp. 001-014, November, 2016. © International Scholars Journals

Full Length Research Paper

A study of vaporization enthalpy of pure hydrocarbons

O. Rebas1*, H. Zait1, N. Skander2 and E. C. Chitour1

1Laboratory of Valorization of Fossil Energies, Department of Chemical Engineering, Polytechnic National School, Algiers, Algeria.

2Sonatrach, Djenane El-Malik, Hydra, Algiers, Algeria.

Accepted 21 July, 2016


In this research, we employed a new method to calculate vaporization enthalpy of pure hydrocarbons. This equation is a function of the temperature, far from critical point and was tested for simple mixtures and oil fractions. Comparing values with the literature, the equation established have improved results in term of average standard deviation. We also applied the equation to the oil fractions; it required a characterisation of these complex mixtures. Excellent results are obtained, which are comparable or better than those obtained with other models.

Key words: Hydrocarbons, simple mixtures, oil fractions, enthalpy of vaporization, group contribution, intramolecular interactions.