African Journal of Immunology Research Vol.  2 (3) pp. 106-107, March, 2015. © International Scholars Journals

Case Report

An uncommon presentation of pneumonic Koch's with various splenic ulcer

Priyanka V. Kareena

Department of Clinical Microbiology and Immunology, Faculty of Medical Laboratory Science, University of Mumbai, Mumbai, India.


Accepted 15 February, 2015


Job’s syndrome is an immunodeficiency disorder with defect in leukocyte chemotaxis in some patients. It is also called hyper IgE recurrent infection syndrome. Major manifestations are pruritic dermatitis, recurrent Staphylococcal pneumonias, mucocutaneous candidiasis, restrictive lung disease, scoliosis with other various features. A 20 year old boy who was presented to us with heart failure, abdominal pain and pyoderma was later diagnosed as having job’s syndrome and tuberculosis.

Key words: Job’s syndrome, hyper immunoglobin E syndrome, Buckly syndrome, immunodeficiency.