African Journal of Internal Medicine ISSN: 2326-7283 Vol. 9 (9), pp. 001-007, September, 2021. © International Scholars Journals

Case Report

COVID-19 revealing pulmonary tuberculosis with 3 cases in the internal medicine department of the National Teaching Hospital Center (NTHC)-Hubert Koudougou Maga (HKM) of Cotonou: review of the literature

Azon-Kouanou Angèle, Agbodande Kouessi Anthelme, Missiho Mahoutin Semassa Ghislain, Sokadjo Yves Morel, Aïdasso Mahougnon Jean-Christ Alix, Murhula Katabana Delphin, Faladé Adélakoun Ange Géoffroy, Assogba Houénoudé Mickaël Arnaud,Dansou Eugénie, Wanvoegbe Finangnon Armand,  Zannou Djimon Marcel, Houngbé Fabien

Affiliation :Internal Medicine-Medical OncologyUnity of the National Teaching Hospital Center (NTHC)-Hubert Kougougou Maga (HKM) of Cotonou(Benin)

Accepted 17 October, 2021


SARS-cov-2 is the pathogen responsible for COVID-19 disease. COVID-19 primarily causes respiratory manifestations ranging from moderate to severe with risk of death. It may be indicative of latent tuberculosis, although people with COVID-19 and tuberculosis have similar symptoms. Pulmonary tuberculosis should be considered a potential risk factor for severity in COVID-19 co-infection. We report three cases of COVID-19 pulmonary tuberculosis co-infection diagnosed in the internal medicine department of the CNHU-HKM of Cotonou. The patients were all initially infected with SARS-cov-2; then declared cured after 2 negative PCR tests (on nasopharyngeal swab). A few days later, they got fever, cough, and respiratory difficulties. The diagnosis of pulmonary tuberculosis was made on the basis of the presence of mycobacterium tuberculosis DNA by the GenXpert technique in the gastric tube fluid. The three patients were put on antituberculosis treatment, Ethambutol Rifampicin Isoniazid Pyrazinamide (ERHZ) protocol. The evolution was favorable with complete disappearance of respiratory signs and fever after two weeks.

Keywords: Pulmonary tuberculosis, COVID-19, CNHU-HKM Cotonou.