International Journal of Agroforestry and Silviculture ISSN: 2375-1096 Vol. 10 (2), pp. 001-004, February, 2022. © International Scholars Journals

Full Length Research Paper

Growth and yield performance of some improved soybean varieties as influenced by intercropping with maize and cassava in two contrasting locations in Southwest Nigeria

Adeniyan, O. N.* and Ayoola, O. T.

Farming Systems Research and Extension Programme, Institute of Agricultural Research and Training, Obafemi Awolowo University (OAU) Moor Plantation, PMB 2059, Ibadan. Oyo state, Nigeria.

Accepted 15 September, 2021


Four improved varieties of soybean (TGX 1448-2E, TGX 1445-2E, TGX 1485-1D and TGX 1019-2E) were evaluated for growth and yield performance under intercropping system with maize and cassava at Ibadan and Oniyo in 2001 and 2002. Plant height at harvest, number of pods per plant, weight of 100 seeds and seed yield were used to assess the performance of improved varieties of soybean while grain yield and fresh tuber yield were considered for maize and cassava under the intercropped. Combined analysis of variance of growth and yield parameters showed variations among improved varieties of soybean, maize and cassava for intercropping, location, year and their interactions. Soybean variety TGX 1485-1D with highest number of pods per plant, weight of 100 seeds and seed yield was the most desirable variety for intercropping with maize and cassava across the two locations. Maize grain yield and cassava fresh tuber yield were similar among the four improved varieties of soybean in their response under the intercropped across the two locations. Higher seed yields of soybean varieties were obtained from Oniyo (derived savanna agro ecology) compared to Ibadan (rain forest agro ecology) probably due to differences in climatic conditions. The study has indicated that TGX 1485-1D, which was highest yielding across the different locations, will fit well into the farming systems of small-scale farmers of Southwest Nigeria.

Key words: Intercropping, soybean varieties, improved, cassava, maize.