International Journal of Enology and Viticulture Vol. 6 (6), pp. 001-004, June, 2019. © International Scholars Journals

Full Length Research Paper

Total tannin content in distinct QUERCUS  ROBUR  L. galls

Urve Paaver, Vallo Matto* and Ain Raal

Department of Pharmacy, University of Tartu, Nooruse 1, 50441 Tartu, Estonia.

Accepted 12 March, 2019


The total tannin contents of three different QUERCUS ROBUR L. galls collected from Estonia, three reference galls, and two plants were estimated. The dry common oak gall-apples tannin content was 47.2%; in brown shiny galls - 4.2%, and in grape galls - 3.4%; in Chinese galls - 89.1%, in Turkey galls - 81.4%, and in pistacia galls - 52.4%; in oak bark - 9.1%, and in common tormentil roots - 21.1%. The present study shows that the QUERCUS ROBUR common oak gall-apples but not brown shiny galls or grape galls may be used as raw material for production of tannin containing traditional remedies.

Key words: Cynipid galls, Quercus robur, common oak, tannins.