Subscription Information

Some of our journals operate open access and subscription-based publishing options. The open access option requires authors to pay a fee upon acceptance of their articles for publication. If an author choose not to pay a fee, his paper could be publish under the standard subscription-based option. So, the copyright for the published article would be transferred to the journal.

For this reason, the reader is required to pay for the content that they read. It is only those who have purchased a subscription to such articles that will have access to them. A flat rate of $20 is required to access our subscription-based articles. Please contact us through any of this email or if you have any question regarding your subscription.


Differences between our open access and subscription-based options


There is a distinct difference between our open access and subscription-based publishing options.


Open Access Option


Subscription-based Option



Open Access Mandate


Open access is an essential part of our commitment. To publish your articles in any of our open access journals, kindly visit this link,


We look forward to our working relationship with you as we believe this is the best way to identify, reach, and support open access for third world nations. We look forward to exploring these possibilities with you.