African Journal of Agricultural Economics and Rural Development

ISSN 2375-0693

Publication Ethics

The African Journal of Agricultural Economics and Rural Development (AJAERD) is committed to upholding ethical standards to ensure the excellence of its scientific publications and give credit to authors' works. The journal publishes innovative and original material, excluding content that has been previously published elsewhere or is under consideration for publication by another publisher.

To maintain ethical standards, AJAERD expects authors to adhere to certain requirements during manuscript preparation. These requirements include avoiding data fabrication and falsification, plagiarism, simultaneous submission, duplicate publication, redundant publications, improper author contribution or attribution, and citation manipulation.

If any of these policies are violated, AJAERD imposes sanctions. These sanctions include immediate rejection of the infringing manuscript, prohibition against new submissions, and prohibition from serving on the Editorial Board of any journal published by the International Scholars Journals (ISJ), the publisher of AJAERD. The publisher also reserves the right to take additional measures if the violations are found to be exceptionally severe.

It is important for authors to familiarize themselves with these ethical requirements and ensure their compliance to maintain the integrity of the journal and the scientific community.

Manuscript Review Process
Manuscripts submitted to AJAERD undergo a rigorous review process. Generally, two or more experts in the field review each manuscript. These reviewers evaluate the scientific soundness and coherence of the manuscript, check for any duplication of previously published work, and assess the clarity of the manuscript for publication. The Editors of AJAERD make decisions based on these reports and may consult with members of the Editorial Board when necessary.

The review process ensures that only high-quality and original research is published in AJAERD, contributing to the advancement of agricultural economics and rural development.

Open Access and Visibility
AJAERD follows an open access policy, making its research freely available to all readers from the time of publication. There is no need for a subscription or registration to access the articles published in the journal. This open access policy ensures maximum visibility for the articles, making them accessible to the widest possible scientific outreach, including the general public.

The journal aims to provide a veritable forum for the publication of research in agricultural economics and rural development. It encourages articles that have the potential to improve the conditions of people living in rural areas and contribute to the analysis and understanding of the complex agricultural industry and rural environment in developing nations. AJAERD covers various disciplines such as statistics, marketing, business management, politics, history, sociology, and their application to agricultural, food, and related industries, rural communities, and the environment.

The African Journal of Agricultural Economics and Rural Development is committed to maintaining ethical standards in scientific publishing. Authors submitting manuscripts to the journal are expected to adhere to ethical requirements, and violations of these requirements may result in sanctions. The journal follows a rigorous review process to ensure the publication of high-quality and original research. With its open access policy, AJAERD aims to provide maximum visibility to its articles and contribute to the advancement of agricultural economics and rural development