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Aims and scope

International Journal of Agroforestry and Silviculture is a peer reviewed, open access journal aiming to publish high quality articles on topical issues in all areas of agroforestry and silviculture. The journal provides a forum for scholars to publish authoritative and well referenced articles in agriculture related areas.

The journal particularly encourages contributions that demonstrate the role of agroforestry and silviculture in providing commodity as well non-commodity benefits such as ecosystem services. 

Papers dealing with both biophysical and socioeconomic aspects are welcome. These include results of investigations of a fundamental or applied nature dealing with integrated systems involving trees and crops and/or livestock. 

Manuscripts that are purely descriptive in nature or confirmatory in nature of well-established findings, and with limited international scope are discouraged. 

To be acceptable for publication, the information presented must be relevant to a context wider than the specific location where the study was undertaken, and provide new insight or make a significant contribution to the agroforestry and silviculture knowledge base.


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ISSN 2375-1096
DOI: 10.46882/IJAS


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